Can I enter on the day?

Yes.  Visit the registration desk at least 1 hour before your ride begins.

How do I get my Rider Number?

You will need to collect your rider number from the registration desk before the ride commences.  Visit the registration desk at least 1 hour before your ride begins.

What is a Child Entry?

Child Entries must be 16 or under on the first day of the event.

Can I ride a tandem? Is this 1 or 2 entries?

Of course you can ride the Discovery Weekend on a tandem, but both riders are required to register for the ride. This is a safety requirement of the ride.

I have registered but can no longer do the ride. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Entries are not refundable or transferable

Do I need to organise my own travel or is it included in the entry price?

You will need to organise your own travel arrangements to and from the event. Your entry into the event does not include travel.

What if I can’t finish the ride?

We provide a Sweep Bus which follows the ride and can pick you up if you can’t manage to ride any further. The Sweep Bus will take you to the nearest rest stop or back to the registration centre.

Am I insured when I am on the ride?

Discovery Weekend riders who are Bicycle NSW members are covered under Bicycle NSW Member insurance which includes Personal Accident and Public Liability cover. Discovery Rides participants who are not Bicycle NSW members are not covered by this insurance.

To ensure that you are covered by insurance for your Discovery Ride, you can purchase Bicycle NSW Membership while registering for the Discovery Ride.

Can I ride with my child in a trailer or baby seat?

Yes you can, but please make sure that your child is a registered entrant in the event and that they wear a helmet.

What happens if it rains on the day?

The Discovery Weekend will go ahead come rain or shine!

Do I have to camp?

Your choice of accommodation is totally up to you.  You can book a room in the closest 5-star hotel or camp out in the nearest camp site.  Many Discovery Rides provide a camping facility for participants.  Check the accommodation section of the ride you are taking to get hints on your accommodation options.

What sort of bike should I bring?

Each Discovery Ride will provide information on the type of terrain involved and the type of bicycle that is suitable.