Information for Volunteers

It is important that you communicate regularly with your Team Leader both prior to the event and on event day. Make sure you have their mobile phone number saved in your phone. If you have any issues on event day your first point of contact should be your Team Leader. Your Team Leader will have a two-way radio and will be able to communicate with key event staff and emergency personnel throughout the day.

For Major Accidents and Injuries – Call 000 and then report the incident immediately to your Team Leader who has contact with medical staff via radio. St John Ambulance is based at the Rest Stops, Water Stops and the Start and Finish Sites. Your contact list of phone numbers on the back of your ID card contains all the contact numbers if you require further assistance.

You must wear your event uniform – volunteer shirt – as this enables you to be easily seen as a volunteer on the event. If your position involves traffic management then it is a requirement you wear the yellow fluro vest provided over your volunteer t-shirt. You will receive your fluro vest on event day and the t-shirt on the briefing day.

ID cards
You will receive it at the briefing day and it must be worn at all times during the event, it not only contains your identification but also has important contact details listed on the back.

As Volunteers for Bicycle NSW you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Bicycle NSW will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour that portrays the event in a negative way. We understand events can become stressful at times, but we must portray a positive and inviting image to the event participants at all times. You are the faces of our events and need to conduct yourselves accordingly.


Getting around
Plan your trip before event day. For details of the best transport options for your location, call the transport info line on 131500, or visit the website

Food and Breaks
Your Team Leader will issue you with a packed lunch for each day you volunteer. If you require a break or need to leave your position at all, please clear this with your Team Leader first. This will allow them to arrange cover for your position if necessary. Breakfast and dinner will also be available to the volunteers and can be collect from the central HUB.

Make sure you bring along extra bottles of water! It is strongly advised that you drink one bottle of water for every 2 hours you will be out at your volunteer position. Event days can be hot and long and it is important that you keep your fluid levels up.

Dress for the Weather
Ensure you bring along sufficient clothing for all weather conditions. Plan ahead and know what to expect, if it looks like rain pack a rain coat!

Team Leaders

Your Team Leader will meet and welcome you at the central HUB or designated meeting Point. The t-shirt and all the goodies are yours to keep. Slip on your volunteer t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap your hat for your own sun protection; this will identify you as event staff.

Please be courteous to motorists in your area. If you need to explain what is going on, ensure they take note of the traffic precautions in place. If they are irate refer them to either your Sector Team Leader or a nearby Police Officer. Local residents and shop owners would have been pre-advised of the day’s proceedings via a mail drop.

There will be Police Officers patrolling along the route as well as at specific intersections to direct the cyclists and traffic. If the Police are there as marshals you will need to work with them to ensure that directing cyclists is carried out efficiently.

If you are near a bus stop you may need to make it easier for the buses to pull into the kerb by holding back the riders. This will depend on the number of riders, but if so you will need to hold the riders back at least 10 metres before the bus stop, to allow the bus to pull into the bus stop. Under no circumstances are you to direct buses and motor vehicles.

Ride Crew
This team consists of approximately 20 support cyclists who cycle the route with the participants. They have basic mechanical skills and are there to assist cyclists and Volunteers in all areas as necessary. They wear distinctive bright orange vests and leave the Start Site at intermittent times so they are spread out along the route. If you have a rider who needs assistance, turn their bike upside down, out of the way of oncoming traffic and advise the cyclist to wait for a Ride Crew Volunteer.

Sweep Bus
The Sweep Bus follows the last cyclists, advising all Volunteers that the end of the ride is at their location. The Sweep Bus also picks up any sick/tired cyclists to transport them to the Finish Site. If you come across a rider who cannot continue on and needs to be picked up by the Sweep Bus contact your Team Leader and they will radio the Sweep Bus advising them of the rider who needs to be collected.


A Before Event day
Organise your travel arrangements before event day. Ensure you can get to your designated Meeting Point by the required time.
Make contact with your Team Leader during the week leading up to the event.
Charge your mobile phone and check you have sufficient credit.
Received your Volunteer ID card and Event Information Pack.
Read and Understand all the Information sent to you.
Pack a bag for the day, which includes plenty of water, hat, suncream and other items required for change in weather conditions.
Have your Volunteer t-shirt washed and ready to wear on event day. (Old volunteers only, new volunteers will receive their volunteer t-shirt when they are given their volunteer pack form their Team Leader see below)
Attend a Volunteer Briefing Session
B On The Day
Meet with your Team Leader at your designated time and location. Your Team Leader will give you your Volunteer Pack including your yellow fluro vest. Please wear this and your volunteer t-shirt. Your Team Leader will allocate your specific position along the sector.
Once you arrive at your position, telephone or text your Team Leader to let them know that you are at your location and ready for the hundreds of cyclists
Communicate regularly with your Team Leader – advise them of any incidents or if you require assistance at your position.
Take a break, but make sure you let your Team Leader know first.
Once the Last Rider has passed by your position make contact with your Team Leader and obtain permission to leave your position.
Return your yellow fluro vest to your Team Leader or Bicycle NSW Staff Member.
C End of Your Shift
Last Riders – The Last Rider will be part of the Bicycle NSW Events Team. They will advise you as they pass through your area that there are no more riders behind them. Once you have seen the Last Rider you must contact your Team Leader before you can leave your position.
Leaving Your Position – Please do not leave your position before checking with your Team Leader, there may be something important we need your help with.
Make Your Way to the Finish – Once all the cyclists have passed through and your area is closed you are welcome to join in the festivities at one of the Central Hub.


Discovery Rides are a great way for groups to get involved and help to make this event possible. Group volunteering is suitable for Community Groups, Corporate Groups and Family and Friends groups.

How does it work?
We are looking for groups to volunteer as Route Marshals in a sector of the Discovery Ride course. Your group would manage one sector with the help of a dedicated Team Leader. We have sectors of many sizes available for groups of 7-20 volunteers!

As a Route Marshal your members will be positioned along the route and their job is to direct the riders, warn them of any hazards and of course, give them a cheer along the way. Route Marshals are NOT permitted to direct motor traffic. Route Marshals may stop cyclists if necessary and hold them until traffic is clear and give them instructions as to conditions further on.

Plus all volunteers receive a complementary ride number and when your sector finishes your group can RIDE TO THE FINISH TOGETHER.

Volunteer as a group is great way to develop relationships and make the community of cycling stronger.

If you are interested, please email us at or call us on 0477 499 130.